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Wakuli trial pack

Wakuli trial pack

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Try Wakuli with a trial pack of 450 grams of coffee (whole bean, filter or espresso grind) or 40 compostable Wakuli coffee pods.


This pack contains two bags, one bag of Wakuli Blend and one bag of Discover Monthly. The Blend is a sweet, creamy coffee with flavour notes of milk chocolate and fruit. A combination made possible by our partners from Brazil (Coopervass) and Honduras (Cafesmo). In addition, the Discover monthly from Tanzania, the country where Wakuli originated. In a few years, our partners from Mbinga have managed to produce a very high-quality coffee with flavour notes of sultanas and grapes.

WAKULI PODS (suitable for Nespresso® machine)

This pack contains 40 coffee pods from four different countries. Discover the different flavours of the specialty coffee-filled pods. So you get a spicy coffee from Indonesia (Rende Nao), a creamy, full-bodied coffee from Brazil (Coopervass), a sweet coffee from Peru (Alto Pajonal) and a fruity coffee from Ethiopia (Kolla Bolcha).

About Wakuli. Wakuli wants to eliminate bad coffee - commercial coffee - completely. That coffee is bought by the coffee giants as cheaply as possible to make as much profit as possible, putting the coffee farmers at the mercy of the market. We want to shift this control from the coffee giants to the coffee farmers, the real tastemakers, so that they get a better price, can invest in future-proof practices and you get better coffee.

Wakuli. For coffee's sake.